Saturday travel to Mbarara

We set off from Lake Nabagabo around 930am and headed to masaka for a brief coffee break. There was good internet connectivity and we were able to catch up on the blog which was great.

We then took a slight detour to have a “mini-safari” in one of the other national parks and we observed the Cows, Goats, Water buck and Ugandan Cobs in their natural habitat.

We then stopped in Nakumatt (a popular Ugandan supermarket) and we bought some snacks as we had been a while without food and we then arrived at the embassy and enjoyed some delicious tropical jam sandwiches and other snacks/fruit.

The team have settled in well at the Embassy and we took the short walk over to briefly meet some Diocesan staff including Edison who was the HR administrator and his wife. We then went over to All Saints Church and met the choir and band who we danced and sang with which was great before returning to the Embassy for dinner and our usual devotion time together as a team which has been a great space to connect with God as a group and Pray and study together.

We have been to the All Saints 8am Church service this morning. More to follow this evening on Sunday’s activities.

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