Tuesday and Wednesday updates by Josh, Jonny and Chris

First and foremost we are really sorry for the delay in posting an update to you all. We have had real trouble trying to find good internet access! If you dont hear from us for a few days this will be the reason! Here are some updates that we have been very keen to share with you all.


Wow. Yesterday (Tuesday) was awesome. So, it started with a brilliantly relaxing morning at the Boma hotel, just 10 minutes from the airport in Entebbe. This proper sleep was very welcome after 2 flights of about 6 hours each, with too little leg room to nod off in comfort. I soon realised that my recent growth spurts are much more of a cross to bear than I had first thought. We then took a trip through the crazy traffic of the capital, Kampala, where things such as lanes appear to be suggestions rather than law. My latest hobby – looking out the window at all the shop names. Highlights include: “God Cares General Hardware”, “God is Able Beauty Salon” and “St Joseph’s Drug Shop”. The main event of the day were to visit Retrak, a project which provided food, shelter, community and an opportunity to know Jesus for boys on the street in Kampala. After a tour of the site we got to spend some time playing games and getting to know the boys. We discovered a game involving getting tennis balls from A to B as fast as possible. The game, however, was deceptively simple, as Darren still managed to run into his much smaller teammate! We also had to play the most infuriating game ever played – hats and cups. (Ask one of us some other time). Things got real Jesusy when Joseph “Parky” Porter got up to share his testimony with the kids. We were so thankful to God for the opportunity to share our amazing God with these kids. Let’s pray that Joseph’s words hit them deep and touched some lives! In the afternoon we visited the second Retrak project for girls (cue Josh Moore below). We capped off the day with some beautiful worship with the AYF choir, before staying in their family homes. But wait, God wasn’t done! One of the daughters of the choir members had a good hour long chat with a group of us “youths”. The conversation was almost all about God, and he was just simply there! Amen! Here ends the reading.

Quote of the day: “Its not how tall you are, its how tall you feel” – Josh Moore.


Having reflected on yesterday (Tuesday), I can confirm it was HECTIC. Following on from the Boy’s Retrak, we headed over to a similar project but for girls. While travelling over we found that the British weather had just caught up with us. The rain hammered down and the dry, dusty roads were instantly covered with water.  By the time we arrived at the girl’s centre the roads were swamped, but despite this we were welcomed by joyful dance and song. The 24 girls who stayed there were so please to see us and especially when we opened a parachute up. Darren lead us brilliantly in many active parachute games which brought smiles to everyone’s face. And the joy, that followed when we told them that the parachute was theirs now, is indescribable! Jumping, Shouting and Running! After Bex shared a short yet inspirational testimony we all sung our praises and were sent on our way by yet another tribal dance and song! Once we arrived at our Hosts house we learnt the true meaning of ‘African Time.’ As the locals who we had planned to were, in British terms, fashionably late! We spent an hour in worship and fellowship with the AYF choir. If you meet a member of the team please ask them for video as it is completely worth it! We tucked into a delicious banquet with local fellowship and shared in our experiences. The evening continued with laughter and stories till we ate several of their mini-bananas and were bed ready. So till we speak again, this is the word of the Moore, Thanks be to Josh!

Chris Tasker blogging on day 3 (Cultural day at the Shrine of the Martyr’s and Jinja)


Mornin’ I wake to the sounds of children nearby in the local school, stumble out of bed and get ready (AKA spends 20 mins on my hair), a quick walk to our host’s house where I’m greeted with a fantastic selection of breakfast food. We then pack ready to visit Namugongo Shrine. Upon arrival we walk into a big circular hall, in the middle a small church sits above a grave we sit in the church and begin to learn the story of the final people who were murdered here, the story starts with the king, everybody worshipped the king. These Christians however refused to worship the king but instead worship the true god, the king did not like this and ordered them to be tortured and then killed. This started with them being dragged on their backs, exposing their spine, this is what Namugongo means, and they were tortured for the next 7 days, with castration, removal of limbs battered and stabbed, some died but othered were kepped alive through it all to be then burnt alive at the end. The youngest of these people was a 14 year old boy. Through this all they sang hyms if they could and didn’t denounce their faith to god, I did not know how to feel but for all of them god must have been working within them, either to help them cope or give them strength, I know that in that situation I would say or do anything to get out of it and I think that’s the same for a lot of people and their courage is inspirational.


After that we did not know how to feel and the mood was a bit dark so we went to jinja, a lovely town and then to lake Victoria and the River Nile! We hopped onto a boat and took a tour of the wildlife and saw where the Nile officially starts and becomes separate to lake Victoria. In the middle of the Nile there is an island with shops etc so we docked and looked at the shops, and for the first time I touched the water, I’m in denial about that bit, some photos later and we got back onto the boat, unannounced to us that god is holding back the rain because the moment we got off the boat it started to rain and after a few minutes the heavens opened to a downpour, I certainly see god working in the little things!

A sleepy ride back and then we were back with our fantastic hosts who had prepared an amazing meal! Of bright and tasty things, a great discussion about Uganda, Brexit and the governments and I was ready for bed! After some time on the internet I went back to our room in the building across. Hopped into bed and after some Netflix went to sleep.

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