Welcome to Sunday! The day we had all been in anticipation about, with the big question on our minds being “what were on earth was church going to be like?” The night before we had been invited to join with the choir to help practice the songs and dances for the following mornings service. As we left, we wondered whether we needed to turn up in lycra sportswear for the morning service, or our Sunday best.

A bright and early breakfast at 6:45am, and we were soon on our way to meet with Rev Canon Bob, dressed in our finest creased shirts and finest flowing skirts. What an amazing time of worship!! We sang, danced and witness the auction of two goats and a chicken – all within a mornings service in Uganda. We were warmly welcomed, and partnered with a lot of ‘amens’ we once again said our well-rehearsed introductions.

After an early breakfast, we returned to the hotel for a much-appreciated lunch. But before the buffet began, we had to plan how we were going to fill our hour with girl’s school in the afternoon. I was set to speak, but always wanting to add a fresh dynamic to every service, I commissioned the team to join me in acting out the story of Moses and the Israelites fleeing from the Egyptians & crossing the Red sea.

2pm we set off to Kinoni Girls School, welcomed in from the gate by big smiles and excited waves from all the students! Our time together started with the young girls dancing and singing worship songs, as we took our seats and clapping along to the unknown songs. Then, it was our turn to teach the school some of our worship songs – Good, Good Father went down a treat!

…And soon it was our time to present our theatrical wonder & for me to speak to the girls about how God went above and beyond as he led His people out of Egypt. As they taught us some of their language, I decided to teach them Hebrew, with the main theme of my talk being around the word “Dayenu” meaning ‘it would have been enough’. As I described how God didn’t stop at enough for the Israelites, so I challenged them to not stop at enough when they show love to their neighbours.


Our worship & talk over, we were to head to the playground and finally have a chance to chat with these lovely girls and play some games. I didn’t get much out the door before I was mobbed by smiling girls, stroking my arms and feeling my hair. It was an amazing hour together, playing volleyball and taking selfies…before we were then whisked off to All Saints Church!


Meeting back with the youth fellowship at the church, we joined in with their prayer and worship session, with Joe bringing our message for the evening. He was amazing, and I say it here first – God has gifted him! Soon our time was up again, and it was finally time to head off for some dinner and relax as we discussed all that had happened throughout the day!


God is good! Aswimwae Yesu – Praise Jesus!


Bex. xoxo

Ketty Mushabe

In 2013 a few team members met Ketty who took us on a visit to the work of the mothers union and their family life program. Ketty has been taken ill at the diocese Hospital and a few of the team went in to visit her and pray for her. Please pray for Ketty and for a full recovery.

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