Saturday at the Kinoni CDC and visit to Mbarara High School (The Bulls empire)

Josh Moore

The morning started with the regular breakfast of 6 slices of toast for me and a cup of tea! We then packed bags full of games and crafts to take to the compassion project at the Kinoni CDC (Kinoni Child Development Centre). We arrived to yet another warm welcome of songs and dances by the children in the project. The story of Moses parting the red sea was acted out again to an audience of 250 ish children who loved to see us chase the imaginary Quail. We then split the kids into groups doing; parachute games, football, frisbee, friendship bracelets, flags, and music. After a hectic hour of activities, we found that the news of ‘muzungu’s’ playing games had spread to all the children and youth in town. The next hour got even busier as we had to occupy 70 extra kids into some of our activities. By the end of our second hour we were shattered and the lunch that was offered was wolfed down by our group. After we heard two heart-felt testimonies from ex-CDC kids, come compassion staff members. A well-deserved rest was followed by a trip to Mbarara High School where we were offered yet more food and sugar filled drinks! We were lead through the school to hall packed with roughly 450 students who were mid-worship. We joined them in worship, before leading it ourselves. I shared a small testimony on the contrasts of British and Ugandan life, Jonny then stood up to preach on ‘Knock, Ask, Seek’. He crushed it in front of a raucous full crowd! We finished with worship before we decided that bed was good plan for our tired minds. Mukama asimwe (praise the Lord).

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