Resting at Lake Nabagabo

Jessie updates us all on our last couple of days at the beautiful Lake Nabagabo. Right now we are on route to Mbarara and we hope to continue to keep you updated (Internet dependent!).

Our long travel day started off with two separate groups (the early and the late). The early group visited Alice in a nearby school who relied on sponsorship to continue her education.

Myself and Bex was staying with a retired-retired primary school teacher named Grace. We woke early at 7am for an 8am breakfast. Once we finished eating it was time to throw the last few items into our bags and head back to our base camp (another host, Michael and Vicky’s house). As myself and Bex did our packing, our host Grace went upstairs to get Sam (the husband). After around 30minutes, we thought to call up to find how everything was going. “Grace?” We called timidly, with silence as a response. Being too scared to call again, we waited 10minutes to call again. “Grace? We are ready when you are.” This time our plea was answered with sounds of distant stuffing and door movements; Grace and Sam had fallen asleep.


The late group, which I was part of, set off at 10am to meet the early group at the equator. After many photos of the equator line we head towards our beautiful next location, but not before travelling along what felt like the bumpiest road. The hotel was place next to a stunning lake that felt more like the sea. So, like all young people, our first response to seeing this is to run in almost fully clothed. After many thrown balls, our very own Jacob thought to join the game in the water without getting wet. He jumped into a small boat with one paddle with his nicely pressed white shirt and clean blue short, and rowed towards the flying balls. Only moments later, he was surrounded by 17-year-old boy with a cheeky look in their eyes. They all started climbing up on his one-man boat, with the aim to either to become shipmates or sink the boat and its captain. After the laughs from both soaked men and dried spectators subsided, the boys came up with a new game that resembled batting practice. The idea being one boy would sit in the boat with the single paddle and the rest would catch and throw the balls to the batter. This brilliant new game was christened Kanoon-Cricket.

Just before dinner, we did a little walk near our hotel; passing locales, many vegetations and monkeys. Myself, Christ and Simon went crazy with photographing our surrounding, the boys were entertained by the many monkeys and a tennis ball, and the rest travelled between these two groups. We returned from the walk to watch the final moments of sunlight with an astonishing sunset.

We finished off the day with a bible study and song around a camp fire, looking at John and how we must go out and spread the word of God. After our final prays, we played a final game around the fire. This is when Bex turned from preacher into a mafia boss and metaphorically killed us all and her henchmen.

The next day was a truly relaxing day. A handful of us woke at 6am to watch the sunrise and be minorly disappointed by the level of clouds covering the sky and its colours. Two hours later, we all shared breakfast. After eating we all dispersed to relax in our own way. There were readers, footballers, sleepers, swimmers, and photographers. We gather together again after lunch to play Irish Snap and Mr President. During the game, there was a clear winner *cough* Simon Greener *cough* and a clear loser *cough* Kandis Douglas *cough*. The moment Chris needed to meet Brian, he asked us all who would join him. Chris, Chris, Johnny and Kandis climbed back into one of our mini buses and disappeared into a cloud of dust. The rest of us started a game of Mafia before meeting Brian.

Upon the arrival of the infamous Brian, we set up a chaired circle away from the wind to discuss life, the universe, and everything. To be continued

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