Final Sunday in Mbarara

Sorry again for the delay we have been very busy!

We will do our best to capture the last few days and catch up on our last few days. On Friday we went to Igongo to the cultural Ankole musuem and Saturday we were at the Child Development Centre with Compassion. The Saturday was great, very challenging but very good! We will find someone to capture their thoughts on this. On Saturday evening Josh and Jonny spoke at the Mbarara high school in front of 300-400 boys and did amazingly well. More to follow on that too!

Here is what two of our three groups got up to this morning on our final Sunday in Mbarara.

Kandis and Joe are the Bloggers for the first two groups.

We were asked to rise early to arrive by 8:00 a.m. The Team were up and at breakfast by 6:50 a.m. for our customary cornflakes and toast, to be sure we were ready for a 7:20 a.m. departure. The Team comprised Brian and his wife Agatha alongside Bex, Ben, Jessie and Kandis.

True to Uganda sense of time our transport arrived at 7:40, which left Kandis a little worried. But a short 15-minute journey later we arrived safe and sound at the Nurses College Chapel. Music was blaring from the sound system though few had yet to arrive.

Within a few minutes, we were singing, led by two members of the hosts organising team and as we sang more and more people began to arrive. The Team lead the congregation in two hymns before Brian and Agatha led more singing. It was such a treat to have Agatha (Brian’s wife) with us and particularly enjoyable to see them working side by side.

We sang for around 30 minutes before the service started. It was the most traditional service we have attended in Uganda, with traditional hymns and liturgy.

Ben read Psalm 85, which followed the bible reading for the Nurse’s College. Brian then read Acts 3:1-10 which looked Peter’s healing of a cripple at the temple gate Beautiful. Kandis gave a short message followed by Bex giving her testimony. It was such a privilege to share with them.

After the service, we enjoyed a second breakfast of pop-corn, nuts and bananas. We got to know more about our hosts and their challenges. We finished our time with a short prayer before returning to the hotel for lunch.

May God bless you and keep you…

Joe on the local cathedral service

Both Darren and I were today given the privilege of conducting the main sermon at the local cathedral (St James’).

We started preparations for this a few days ago by deciding that I would give a short testimony followed by the main preach from Darren. We then conducted a little prayer session in our van, asking God what he wanted us to talk on. Bex received a verse from 1 Corinthians (2:9). And it was upon this verse that we built the sermon, and as it came from God it fit in just perfectly with my testimony!

Now to this morning! The big day. We arrived at the Church and soon we were able to visualise the number of people that we would be speaking to. And before we knew it we were introduced to the ministers and were walking down the aisle past the 300-400 people in the church. We were treated with immense respect and were seated in the chancel ready to deliver our testimony and sermon.

I started with my testimony and focused on God’s plan for us, and the Darren brought it home with an awesome word on how God has a place for us both on earth and in heaven.

And make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

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